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Versus locks

The opening of a new world





Solid, fast and easy to fit : in 60 sec.

  • The patented system for the fixing of the technical block combines : rapidity of fitting in workshop and simplicity of equipping on the construction site. The front face is fixed by a spring clip and the handles are screwed on to the universal block lock.


With Versus, you conjugate comfort, safety, aesthetics, ergonomics and colors. The choice of front and back faces and of handles offers you a big space of creativity and freedom of expression in the equipment of the sliding.

Some points about Versus :

  • A wide range of design and multicolor handles  fixed on to an universal block lock (Sotralu patent). That allows a permanent interchangeability of handles and front faces.
  • The safety with 2 and 3 points lock, simple, without manufacturing, immediate fitting, competitiveness.
  • The system is evolutive and general-purpose, the basic lock can be converted into a multipoint lock by the addition of supplementary points.
  • the customization thanks to the application of your pad printing.


Versus is compatible with Achille


Find all the technical elements on our concept Versus :

PDF - 18.3 kb
Concept Versus
Technical elements