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Unique qualities

Offer yourself finishes of dreams while protecting the environment and by guaranteeing the safety and the reliability of your sliding window... It is possible thing with the aluminum! This material is endowed with unique characteristics in terms of insulation, with energy saving, durability and ornamental choices.

  • Long lasting

» Recyclable 100 %, infinitely, without degradation of its qualities
» Stable and unchanging, the aluminum is insensible in the climatic variations. It guarantees long-lasting performances

  • Healthy and safe

» thermolaquered and clean, healthy and incombustible. Subjected to the fire, it gives off no toxic vapor.

  • Clear

» Very fine frames, hidden leafs, brick partitions. In equal dimensions, aluminum windows allow to pass 15 % of light and heat in more.

  • Waterproofness

» Rigidity of aluminum profiles ensures a perfect waterproofness to air and water.


  • Isolating

» Thermal: thanks to profiles with thermal performance associated to double glazings with strengthened insulation.

» Acoustics: stiff and resistant, aluminum profiles support with no problem at all, necessary thick glazings to protect yourself from the noise

  • Ornamental

» Color: anodized or thermolacquered, aluminum can be colored to infinity. It is even possible to have 2 colors: one for the inside, one for the outside.

» Big dimensions: in terms of shape or size, the aluminum knows (almost) no limit.

» Aesthetics: elegance and customization, the aluminum adapts itself to all the styles and to all the types of openings. 

  • Easy to maintain

» A simple water cleansing and in the soap one twice a year is enough..