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To propose sole and specific solutions

Our first commitment?
That’s what characterizes us, what guides our works, what guides our customer relationship. Quality justifies their choice and their loyalty.

A rigorous inventiveness

We innovate in an environment forced by the reliability of the object and the quality of its production. If the inspirations of our designers are refocused and adapted by our Engineering Office - the object has to be realistic, practicable, ergonomic, successful, easy to implement and strong -, there is no barrier to our creativity.

In close collaboration with our customers, our Engineering Office conceives, develops, and adapts our accessories. The improvements and adaptations are systematically presented to our customers for comments.

We answer to customers’ specifications by creating new solutions, sole and customizable. 

Deadlines announced, deadlines respected

Respect of delays  at all stages of conception and production is a priority commitment for all Sotralu’ staff. Our service rate has been above 99.4% for several years. It was of 99.52% in 2009.

The follow-up of our products

We commit ourselves to the continuous follow-up of our products. Our stock of samples is an exhaustive reference of all accessories products. Our reactions are fast, effective and involved, up to the raised alert. Our Quality Direction can be brought to move.