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The News

February 2012: Sotralu launches the CCL, a new facing for the semi-fixed leaf wich allows to cross the leaves equipped with Chronos range.

January 2012: Sotralu launches HEFEL, the industrial design handle for new generation sliding windows.

October 2011 : Sotralu launches Chronos Eco, an handle with 7 mm square for renovation of social housing and big construction sites.

June 2011 : Marie-Laure Chadourne-Espel joined our Management team as Purchasing Responsible. Successively in charge of procurement within Gunnebo, Locks and Safes Division, then in the industry of household appliances and in the aeronautical subcontracting, Marie-Laure has a Master in Industrial Procurement, BEM Bordeaux Management School. 

January 2011: Launching of a new finish : "Caresse" for our handles. Presented during the exhibition "Soft touch" met a big success.

November 2010:  Permeability in the air : Sotralu presents with his partner Kawneer during Equipbaie exhibition, an air-tight handle (measured in 600 pascals). This unique and patented solution limits or deletes the exchanges of air through the handle and the manufacturings for the Chronos espagnolette. This innovation associated with the work of Kawner RDD on the rest of the sliding allowed to achieve the class of A4 waterproofness.

October 2010: New metallic colors (Sotralu exclusivity) in our catalog for our handles and facings.

March 2010: A new locking system is avalaible with european cylinder for Versus. 

February 2010 : Sotralu’s Engineering Office strengthened with the arrival of a new engineer. Pascal was Responsible for the Mechanical Engineering Department of Aldebaran Robotics. He is graduate in Mechanics and Doctor of Robotics.