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Reliable relations

  • R&D, commercial, quality... You have a dedicated interlocutor
  • You can follow your orders and your purchase statistics in total self sufficiency thanks to our customized follow-up: Supply-Assistance
  • reliable and accomplice relations: you are associated with our innovation

Sotralu is in direct link with the majority of profile extruders and windows manufacturers.

Listening to our customers

We listen to and consult our customers, they are at the source of our creativity.
We analyze for them the needs of the various markets.
We conceive, make and market adapted personalized solutions

All our actions aim at a permanent objective: search of excellence, that it is about our products, for our services or for our customer relationship.

With full transparency

Our customer relationship bases on an ethical partnership and on our loyalty to a line of conduct. Besides a big respect for our commitments, we observe strict commercial rules towards our direct customers gammists and industrials.

When specific needs of logistics or studies appear, the solutions are implemented for three: our customer, the customer of our customer and Sotralu. The whole in a total and mutual respect.

It results from this transparency a reliable atmosphere convenient to the productive exchanges. So much that Sotralu associates regularly his customers with its innovation by entrusting to their appreciation of new prototypes.