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Quality, primal value of Sotralu

Sotralu Quality?
An essential requirement, recognized by the Quality Departments of our Customers who trust us.

Details of everyday life

Leaders, administration staff or operators… Everybody complies with the Quality requirement with enthusiasm, rigor and inflexibility. So, every day, we create a propitious environment for reflection, creation and production.
Every day, we find time to innovate.
Every day finally, we simplify a little more the life of our customers and suppliers.
According to these same values, our organization and our flow of information are based on a modern communication system which guarantees an answer to our customers, including in the absence of their usual interlocutor

Chain of rigor

The entire company follows a rigorous quality process. The production site meets the TQM requirements (Total Quality Management) with a service rate of 99 % (quality of products, respect of deadlines…).
Our industrial methods make the company competitive and successful. Every stage must be validated to allow the continuation of the project. Our experience and our rigor guarantee the serene progress and the conformity of the product on all the chain: from its conception by the Research and Development office to its delivery, via the prototype and the manufacturing.

A systematic questioning

Before and during their industrialization, our products go through a series of the most rigorous tests. Conception, specification, review of contract, shock resistance tests, in extreme conditions… Our test bench does not spare the products in development. Samples are taken at random at the end of the production line. They undergo, in some weeks, the equivalent of 10 years of manipulations.
This follow-up, which lasts during all the life cycle, allows us to meet widely the requirements of the French and European standards.