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Sotralu : 30 years of experience on sliding market !
Specialist and precursor, Sotralu creates and makes creative and innovative accessories.

Thanks to the integration of its jobs, Sotralu puts know-how and quality control at the service of its customers gammists and industrials.



Achille, the top-of-the-range handle...

Design, technology and ergonomics, Sotralu innovates and creates a new break in the world of aluminum sliding windows.

HEFEL, new generation handle for sliding window

HEFEL : the industrial design handle for new generation sliding windows.Dedicated to industrial design sliding doors and windows, HEFEL is a top-of-the-range handle which answers to the architects requirements. At once visible and invisible HEFEL looks like a wave which allows to handle door very easily. HEFEL fits Versus and Chronos range. 


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