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New products

Rollers for heavy loads

  • Tested 30 000 cycles
  • Bearing 250Kg per frame
  • Adapted to asymmetric loads (80/170 KG)
  • Specifications superior to regulations NF EN 13126-15 (May 2008)


New Eco lock

Chronos one-point lock, ideal solution for construction sites requiring an economic, simple and strong lock.

  •  locking with 7 mm square, center to center : 43 mm
  •  fixed bolt adapted to the profile
  •  anti lock-picking system


New Chronos facing (CCL)

To resolve the problem of crossing frames equipped with 7 mm square locks, Sotralu launches the Chronos shell handle with operating lever which allows to lock and unlock the sliding window while keeping a pleasant handling.


New design Handles

Achille : a break in terms of design, association of materials and ergonomics.

Created by a couple of young designers, Achille (registered pattern) allows the association of purity of lines and a great choice of shapes and materials. Precious wood, stainless steel colours or brushed aluminum....

Fruit of hard work of Sotralu’s engineering office (several registered patents) , Achille can bolt and unbolt Versus and Chronos locks.

Ergonomics were particularly studied.. Achille allows you in a single movement to unbolt your lock and to open your sliding window.

During all its development stage, the environmental care was taken into consideration. Achille is thus an eco-designed handle range, certified by ADEME.







HEFEL : dedicated to industrial design sliding doors and windows, HEFEL is a top-of-the-range handle which answers to the architects requirements. At once visible and invisible HEFEL looks like a wave which allows to handle door very easily.
HEFEL fits Versus and Chronos range.