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Locks and handles

A considered design

  • Our handles offer a firm grip comfortable and reassuring, ornemental and pleasant to the touch.
  • Finishes so sophisticated as original and excellent corrosion resistance give them an amazing and long-lasting final look.
  • Sotralu handles are the result of ergonomic deep studies so that body movement is as natural as possible.

More than an accessory

Choosing a lock system for sliding door or window is essential. Resistance to multiple handle manipulations, to ravages of time and burglarproof, ergonomic and aesthetic... Of the most futile in the most essential, numerous are the qualities expected from an handle and its lock.

Our products

Versus locks, Chronos locks

pattented systems

  • Choosing Versus or Chronos locks is opting for rarely reconcilable guarantees: serenity, comfort, aesthetism and safety.
  • Handles are fixed onto an universal lock block (Sotralu patent) what allows a permanent interchangeability of the handles and front faces.
  • Create in total freedom ! Thanks to the wide range of handles with multicoloured design. The color palette that Versus and Chronos ranges propose, allows you to personnalize and to homogenize your interior and exterior design.
  • 2 and 3 point locks guarantee safety and serenity.


Classic locks
resistance and reliability

  • Choosing Classic range is taking advantage of a simple, economic and tested product while benefiting from Sotralu’s assets.
  • Available in numerous colours, the Classic lock incorporates technological elements which guarantee all the qualities required for a lock in terms of resistance and safety.