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Flagship products

Versus solution

Our Versus solution is protected by several Sotralu patents. it equips today most of the sliding windows and illustrates the fact that, at Sotralu, "blue chip" rhymes with "freedom of creation".
With Versus, Sotralu introduces the first lock proposed with a range of interchangeable finishes and handles, combining ergonomics, choice in colours and shapes. Every realization is unique thanks to the infinite variety of colours.

Chronos Locks

Chronos locks, a complete system of single block lock from 1 to 3 points which brings safety and reliability. Fitting solutions (Sotralu patents) guarantee speed, simplicity and reliability thanks to our technology of "clap" clamps or "safe" screws .
With Chronos range you can give a personal touch to the product thanks to a large choice of  handles and finishes, all interchangeables on the same technical basis. Very upmarket finishes are also possible.(contact your windows supplier)

Our Rollers

Our rollers range is the widest of the market with aluminum or composite wheels, which can resist to frames from 40 to 250 Kg, out of true (Sotralu exclusivity) on the same technical basis. The high quality of our rollers allows to keep the functioning without degradation of the effort of handling during all the life cycle of the window.

Our design Handles


Sotralu presents you the prototype of its last innovation : the handle « Achille »

Easy to use and customizable :

  • Achille locks and unlocks in a single movement !
  • very trendy decoration finishes
  • Achille fits with Versus and Chronos

Give a personal touch to your products and offer them a new look !












HEFEL : the industrial design handle for sliding windows new generation.

Dedicated to industrial design sliding doors and windows, HEFEL is a top-of-the-range handle which answers to the architects requirements. At once visible and invisible HEFEL looks like a wave which allows to handle door very easily.

HEFEL fits Versus and Chronos range.