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Chronos locks

  • Complete monoblock locking system, 1 to 3 points, dedicated to the sliding frame
  • An industrial concept : U-rail face plate of 16 mm, square edge of 7 mm, 43 mm between handle axes.
  •  A productivity gain : integrated monoblock system without any additional part


  • Total flexibility : compatible with all kind of handles, standard or customizable
  • A wide range of Sotralu handles combining design, ergonomics and customization
  • Fast fitting  with the "Clap" patented cramp system 



  • Reliability of fitting with the "Safe" patented system (anti-strip screws)


  • Chronos is compatible with Achille


Find all technical information about our Chronos concept :

PDF - 24.8 kb
Chronos Concept
Technical Information