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30 years' experience

Since its creation, in 1978, Sotralu creates and makes aluminum accessories - locks, facings or handles and rollers - for aluminum joineries.

A company specialized in the market of the sliding windows.

Very fast, Sotralu becomes leader in the hardware accessory for sliding aluminum: 1, 2 and 3 points locks, range of facings or handles, classic rollers, centring parts... Every new Sotralu product marks a sensitive evolution of the market of accessories.

Innovation, inventiveness. More than a will, a state of mind

Every new Sotralu product is forerunner on its market :

  • Adaptation of needle roller for sliding rollers,
  • Creation of rollers for heavy loads,
  • Versus, which became the closing solution reference since its creation,
  • Innovation again with the Chronos monobloc solution for industrials
  • Presentation of prototypes of a new range of handles Achille which combine design and ergonomics at the last Batimat exhibition.

Order, method, rigor : values in favour of quality

For a constant performance, a better expression of the creativity and for a bigger pleasure in the work. Values daily shared by all Sotralu’s staff.

An integrated Production Unit

Created in 1978, the company settled down in Muret in 1998 on a new optimized production site. It is there that accessories are conceived, made and assembled. They are then packaged in a specific way for every customer gammist and industrial.

This production unit, working with order, is completely automated: from the order of raw materials or basic components to the expedition. A very evolved information system allows to control all the processes.